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Brendan Musk


Anna Brigham



A programme to explore the influence of folk music on classical pieces including works by Janacek and Dvorak


‘An Eclectic Extravaganza… one of the best things to see’ - Classic FM  

Sunday 5th November 2023

5:30pm: St Michael and All Angels Church, Adbaston, ST20 0QE

Programme and Notes


Janacek’s obsession with folk music took several forms. He collected hundreds of folk songs and wrote his own accompaniments to them. He also developed music that was based on the speech and rhythms of his local Moravian music. The first half explores these themes, first with Janacek’s sublime Violin Sonata, and then with pieces and arrangements inspired by our own musical experiences and folk traditions.


Violin Sonata JW VII/7 - Janacek

Con Moto –





Ogrena Voda    -  Lantivet Duo

Dozmary Pool   -  Lantivet Duo

Falmouth Sandworms -  Traditional celtic arr.  Lantivet Duo

Devilled Penguin  -   Lantivet Duo





Janacek took inspiration from Dvorak’s use of folk melodies in large-scale orchestral and chamber works. For our second half, we will focus on Dvorak and his use of his native Bohemian folk dances as well as Moravian and, later, American. Although he stayed more within the Romantic idioms than Janacek, signs of the folk influence creep in, such as the frequent use of Dumkas instead of slow movements. This half explores European folk music and finishes with Dvorak’s Sonatina, written during his time in America where his fascination with spirituals and trains was born.


Blind Harbour -  Munnely/Sutton arr. The Canny Band

Dumka Kolomyika - trad. Polish

Spiritual Trains - Lantivet Duo

Jovano - trad. Macedonian


Dvorak - Sonatina in G major op. 100

Allegro Risoluto


Molto Vivace




About the Duo...

The Lantivet Duo is a dynamic musical partnership between Cornish violinist and violist Anna Brigham and Scottish pianist and trumpeter Brendan Musk. Their boundless creativity and innovation have earned them critical acclaim, with Classic FM describing them as “an eclectic bonanza” and “one of the best things to see.”


With a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of the violin and piano duo format, they captivate audiences with a spellbinding blend of traditional and original pieces, inspired by the rich sounds of folk and classical music. They bring a fresh and innovative perspective to their own Celtic folk traditions, exploring the space in between the boundaries of genre. Inspired by artists such as Chris Thile, Pekka Kuusisto, and GoGo Penguin, they also draw on the rich harmonies of European classical music, and the rhythms and grooves of Latin America and Eastern Europe to create a unique and exhilarating sound. Their music has been hailed as “genuinely original and exploratory,” and they are quickly gaining recognition as a new force on the folk and classical scenes.


Individually, Anna and Brendan have thriving freelance careers. They perform with world-class orchestras, chamber groups, and artists such as the Philharmonia, Dunedin Consort, and Bjork, have headlined at prestigious festivals, and appeared at venues like the Royal Albert Hall, the Wigmore Hall, and Ronnie Scotts. As a duo, they have delighted audiences throughout the UK and performed for the Spanish Embassy. They are particularly proud of their Summer Garden Concert Series, now in its third year, which brings music to an intimate and unique setting. This reimagining of the roles of the audience and performer creates a truly special, connected, and communal experience.

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