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Ivelina Krasteva

Sunday 3rd September 2023

St Michael and All Angels Church,
Adbaston, ST20 0QE



Beethoven -        Sonata Op. 22 in B flat major (25 mins)  


Ravel –               Sonatine (10mins)                                                                


Chopin –             Barcarolle  in F sharp major, Op 60 (22 mins)

Scriabin -            Sonata No.3 in F sharp minor, Op. 23 (19 min)



Programme Notes


For this recital I have chosen four wonderful works, which contrast and complement each other, covering a massive range of emotions, from humour and excitement, through longing and passion to reaching ecstasy!  

Beethoven - Sonata Op. 22 in B flat major (25 mins)

My recital will open with Beethoven’s B-flat major sonata op. 22. Composed in 4 movements, it is the last classically structured sonata before Beethoven decided to experiment with the possibilities of the sonata form. It is a characterful piece with a witty and exciting first movement, a beautifully operatic slow movement, an elegant minuet and a charming finale, both of which have dramatic surprises: a very fun piece to perform which brings a smile to one’s face! 


Ravel – Sonatine (10mins)

The piece is in three movements:


Mouvement de menuet


Ravel wrote the first movement of the Sonatine for a competition sponsored by the Weekly Critical Review magazine after being encouraged by a close friend.  Marcel Marnat wrote that the Sonatine captivates from the very first measure in its depth, adding that in its concision and radiance, it is one of Ravel's defining works.



Chopin – Barcarolle  in F sharp major, Op 60 (22 mins)

Chopin’s Barcarolle op.60 is a brightly shining jewel in the piano repertoire - also one of my most favourite pieces of music! A work of exquisite beauty which uses the gentle rocking of the waves and the intertwining of melodic voices to lead us through the subtle narrative of the piece culminating in a passionate outburst. 


Scriabin - Sonata No.3 in F sharp minor, Op. 23 (19 min)

I will close with Scriabin’s Sonata no. 3, nicknamed by Scriabin as ‘States of soul’ - another four-movement sonata, imbued with intense romanticism and passion. Scriabin described the movements as: 

Drammàtico: The soul, free and wild, thrown into the whirlpool of suffering and strife. 

Allegretto: Apparent momentary and illusory respite; tired from suffering the soul wants to forget, wants to sing and flourish despite everything. But the light rhythm, the fragrant harmonies are just a cover through which gleams the restless and languishing soul.  

Andante: A sea of feelings, tender and sorrowful: love, sorrow, vague desires, inexplicable thoughts, illusions of a delicate dream.

Finale, Presto con fuoco: From the depth of being rises the fearsome voice of creative man whose victorious song resounds triumphantly. Too weak yet to reach the acme he plunges, temporarily defeated, into the abyss of non-being.


A challenging but also rewarding piece to perform!

Ivalina Krasteva

Bulgarian born classical pianist Ivelina Krasteva is an internationally - active solo and chamber musician.  Currently based in London, she divides her time between performing, teaching and pursuing a Master’s degree at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Born in 1998 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Ivelina started her musical journey at the age of 4 and two years later was accepted by the National School of Music and Dance, also in Plovdiv.  Studying with Elena Velcheva, she graduated with distinction in Artistic Achievements in 2017.


Since 2017 Ivelina has been a student at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, under the tutelage of Ronan O’Hora and Katya Apekisheva, receiving a first-class undergraduate degree in 2021 and is currently pursuing a Master’s in performance.   In addition to her studies, she has taken part in masterclasses led by internationally acclaimed musicians, including Richard Goode, Imogen Cooper and Boris Petrushansky.


Ivelina has performed in venues across Bulgaria, Turkey, the UK and other European countries. Highlights include performances by Ravel, Prokofiev and Mozart. 


She has received numerous awards from international competitions including the First Prize at the Coulsdon and Purley Concerto Competition and First Prize and a broadcasted recital on national radio from the International Piano Competition, Schumann-Brahms in Plovdiv; In 2015 her musical accomplishments were acknowledged with prizes from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the Union of Bulgarian Composers.

Ivelina has played in various ensembles and as part of a piano trio she gained first prize in the International Music Competition in Belgrade.  Ivelina enjoys accompanying voice and has appeared in the Guildhall School’s Concert Series: Songs at 6. She has received tuition from the Endellion Quartet; The Gould Piano Trio and Lada Valesova, to name a few.


Ivelina is focused on building a strong foundation of the standard piano repertoire. She is also interested in exploring contemporary music and working with composers. In 2021 she performed the premiere of British composer Charlotte Glyn-Woods’ work for 2 pianos - Travel Slow with Yuki Hammyo.


She is passionate about sharing works by female composers and has performed pieces by Elena Langer and Kaija Saariaho among others. In 2021 she took part in the Global Livestream Marathon ‘Woman Composers from Spain and Spanish America’ organised by the Festival Internacional de Musica de Tecla Espanola, performing Un Reve en Mer by Teresa Carreno.


Ivelina’s enthusiasm for sharing music on several levels encompasses a class of mixed-age private students and work with groups of children. In 2018 she led interactive performance workshops in London primary schools, guided by Decoda, the affiliate ensemble of Carnegie Hall, which specialises in making classical music accessible to youngsters. She has led several workshops for young musicians including at Guildhall Young Artists Norwich.

Throughout her education, Ivelina has been supported by the Keyboard Charitable Trust; Bulgarian Ministry of Culture; Prof. Lyuba Encheva Foundation; Henry Wood Accommodation Trust; The Worshipful Company of Pewterers and The Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

for Young Professional Performers


The Keyboard Charitable Trust’s mission is to help young keyboard players reduce the element of chance in building a professional musical career. The Trust identifies the most talented young performers (aged 18-30) and assists their development by offering them opportunities to perform throughout the world. For the most gifted, this means débuts in London, New York, Mexico, Berlin, Rome and other music capitals".

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